Cork Hill is one of the older villages on Montserrat and it has always been heavily populated. However, many of its residents did not come from the village, originally. It received its affidavit from County Cork in Ireland. “Saigon”, as it was nicknamed in the earlier days; is located less than three miles north of Plymouth, the abandoned capital of Montserrat. It is about seventy meters above sea level. 
Many neighboring locales relied on Cork Hill for a number of facilities. The list included; education, commerce, entertainment/relaxation and more. The village received its share of natural hazards. The volcanic crisis of July 1995 escalated and this prompted the authorities to close and totally ceased entry to the area. However, this decision was never accepted by the villagers. Those who remained on the island often yearned to re-inhabit Cork Hill. Also, many who relocated overseas expressed similar sentiments. The former residents literally mourned for our village.
As a result, several families complained about the situation and requested frequent visits to their property. Eventually, permission was granted and the area was classified as “Daytime Entry Zone”. Many persons seized the opportunity to clean their property, re-shingle/re-galvanize their roofs and spend daylight hours at their homes. Moreover, some persons kept their livestock at these locations and planted vegetables, fruits, trees and flowers. Over the years, the desire has not waned. People want to return to live in Cork Hill temporarily but with a permanent mindset. It is obvious that we need to take a bolder stride! With such an ambiance on the horizon, it is pertinent that we advance our desire in a lucrative way. 
So, here we are at the platform of entry; all decked out with strong seat belts and one goal. “We are going home to roost!” Offsprings of Cork Hill, Weekes, Byer, Patta Hill, St George’s Hill, Dando, Frye’s, Delvins, Bashem Ghaut and River Road, let us advance! WE will reoccupy our avenues according to the possible level, at this time.
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